New Mexico Chile 101 Starter Set

We realize not everyone has easy access to New Mexico chile, so we've put together this starter set with all you'll need to start cooking some of the great recipes in our "Tale of Two Chiles" cookbook. You'll get the book, and the non-perishable red and green peppers as shown.
Canned Green Chile Naturally, freshly picked and roasted green chile is best, but when you can't, you can't! These "Hatch" brand canned chiles are enough to make a couple of dishes with...other brands are available in other parts of the country, and if you can't get fresh peppers, these are a good alternative.
Available in either "Mild or "Hot"
This is our favorite "store-bought" brand of dried red chile peppers...they are the highest-quality we've come across, and are grown and processed in the Hatch area. When we can't pick and dry our own, this is our choice for dried red. There are enough chile pods here to make 2 batches of Basic Red Chile sauce, which we recommend as a starting point, since it's used in multiple recipes.
They are also available in either "Hot" or "Mild".
Dried Red Chile
ChilePeppers 101 Starter Set This starter set will be enough to let you sample several recipes from the cookbook. We're betting you'll be hooked after that! Start with the basic Red and Green Chile sauces, then use them in classic dishes like Enchiladas, Huevos Rancheros, or Green Chile Stew, just to name a few. The book and video will show you exactly how to handle dried red chile, and how to roast your own fresh green chile if it's available.
The Starter set is only $34.50, which includes Priority Mail shipping.
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